Top 10 Places To Visit In Coorg

 Popularly known as the Scotland of India, Coorg is the most rich hill stations in the state. It's the immense beauty of the numerous Places to visit in Coorg that has made it one of the stylish in Karnataka. In fact, Coorg Tourism is one of the first choices of excursionists swarming from each over the country and abroad. 


 So, in this composition, we ’ll be looking at the top 10 popular places to visit in Coorg. 

Abbey Falls  


 What better way to begin our Coorg Sightseeing trip than one of the finest Coorg Tourist Places, the Abbey Falls. Did you know that, in Coorg, Abbey or Abbi means a cascade? These mesmerizing cascade are located amidst scores of coffee colonies. The number of excursionists clamoring to visit the Abbey Falls have increased manifold over the times due to its propinquity of numerous further immersing sights around. 


The veritably source of the Kaveri swash, Talacauvery has crowds of excursionists arriving from Bangalore to Coorg, lined up to substantiation the holy spring rumoured to be the point of origin of the swash. At the top of Coorg’s sightseer places, special solemnities are conducted to celebrate the water that gushes out of the spring at a predetermined moment. 


 The Nagarhole National Park 

 The Nagarhole National Park is one of the best- known wildlife reserves in the country, owing to its wide diversity of foliage and fauna. It hosts over 270 recorded species of catcalls, piecemeal from several beast species. Owing to the awful Coorg Weather that can remain affable all time round, it's one of the many National Parks in the country that can be visited any time of the time. A top entry on the lists of the places to see in Coorg, indeed. 


 Namdroling Monastery 


 One of the topmost Coorg Tourist Places, Namdroling Monastery is in line to give you the unmatched experience of sightseeing in Coorg. On account of the gold detailing in the oils that beautify the walls of this notorious friary, Namdroling is also known as the Golden tabernacle. The Tibetan friary is home to oils depicting gods, demons, culture, and certain phases of Buddha’s life, making it one of the Stylish Places to visit in Coorg. 

Barapole River  


 The Barapole swash is a notorious spot for white swash rafting, performing in a smash in Coorg tourism. The exhilaration, excitement and adrenaline rush is so high that it's a sin not to essay this fantastic Thing to Do in Coorg. The swash, coupled with its white chute and lovely geographies girding it, makes for an ideal swash rafting experience. The swash also offers a view of the stirring Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, as a perk! 

 Tadiandamol Peak 

One of the stars of Coorg Tourism, it's also one of the stylish Tourist Places in Karnataka for several reasons. Tadiandamol is the loftiest mountain peak in Coorg and stands at a height of 1748m. While the trail is a delicate one, the view from the top is commodity that one can not replace. It's also a great spot for nature photography. 


 Iruppu Falls 

 Iruppu Falls is a brackish cascade located in the Brahmagiri Mountain Range. They're a major sightseer magnet as well as a deified passage spot. The magic of lovely Coorg Weather can be felt palpitating through the environs of this amazing Place to Visit in Coorg. The romantic air cast by its affable climate also makes it the perfect Tourist Place in Karnataka for couples, especially the bones on their honeymoon. 


 Raja’s Seat 


 Raja’s Seat is the popular, relaxing venue for the Lords of Kodagu (Coorg). This spot is rightfully always peppered with callers swarming from Bangalore to Coorg and from numerous other distant corridor of the country, owing to the stirring views of the theater and the girding mountain range. The fashionability and of course the beauty of this notorious spot has made this place one of the stylish Stylish Places to Stay in Coorg. 

Omkareshwara Temple  


 Omkareshwara Temple is another superb Coorg Tourist Place, worth visiting on your trip to this sublime destination in India. This tabernacle holds numerous stories, Lingarajendra as a fidelity to Lord Shiva has erected this tabernacle in 1820. A perk is a beautiful little water tank in this tabernacle that houses important brackish fish. 

 Madikeri Fort 

This stronghold’s history trails back to the 17th century, when it was erected by Muddu Raja using slush. It was latterly reconstructed in slipup and mortar in the time between 1812 and 1814. The life-size gravestone mammoths bordering the entrance highlights the beauty of this stronghold. A visit to this place is simply luring and when coupled with beautiful Coorg Weather you can also make a splendid spin out of the great day at Madikeri Fort. 


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